We’ll cover three of the seminal papers in sequence to sequence learning:

As well as Attention and Augmented Recurrent Neural Networks by Chris Olah and Shan Carter.


There is way too much to cover in one exercise. Here are a few options:


  • You can either register for the dataset, or obtain a copy during class.
  • If you run into trouble building openblas (as a submodule of rnnlib), you may need to specify the target CPU architecture (eg. Macbook Pro 2017: HASWELL, see example diff file).
  • It’s recommended to add the rnnlib directory to your path (eg. export PATH=$(pwd):$PATH).
  • You will need the python packages ScientificPython and scipy
  • On a mac, use brew to install the packages netcdf, nco and ncview (more on netcdf here or here)
  • It seems that the current master branch is broken for recent netcfd/python2; use this patch to fix the NCF generation.
  • The recipe will take a few hours to compute – it’s best to let it run over night!